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Garment Treatments 


Royal Blue Inc. leads the US market with high-end and sophisticated washes, which are created in-house by our staff of designers. We specialize in garment dye, tie-dye, and a variety of washes including: mineral, enzyme, silicon, wheel wash and more. Additional photos of our unique garment treatments can be found under the “New Washes” page.


Tie Dye: Tie-dye treatments include tie-dye, dip-dye, crystal, bamboo, botanical, crinkle, tea stain, animal print, cameo flagged, brushing, discharge, rolling, spray, marble, spiral, oil-wash, reverse oil-wash, rain wash and more.


Burnout Wash: The burnout wash is one of our personal favorites, crafted with the utmost attention and care. 


Mineral Wash: We process mineral wash and antique wash, as well as regular, enzyme, silicon and wheel washes.


Garment Dye:  Garment treatments include reactive, direct, pigment, distress, acid dye, union dye, cross dye, tinting and more.


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